Shipping Rates


State/ProvinceCountryOrder TotalShipping Cost
 USA$0.00 – $20.008.95
 USA$20.01 – $50.009.95
 USA$50.01 – $75.0010.95
 USA$75.01 – $100.0013.95
 USA$100.01 – $150.0016.95
 USA$150.01 – $200.0022.50
 USA$200.01 – $300.0024.95
 USA$300.01 – $400.0026.95
 USA$400.01 – $500.0028.95
 USA$500.01 – $600.0032.95
 USA$600.01 – $1200.0034.95
 USA$1200.01 – $999999.0038.95
AKUSA$0.00 – $20.008.95
AKUSA$20.01 – $50.0010.95
AKUSA$50.01 – $75.0013.95
AKUSA$75.01 – $100.0016.95
AKUSA$100.01 – $150.0024.95
AKUSA$150.01 – $200.0026.95
AKUSA$200.01 – $300.0032.95
AKUSA$300.01 – $400.0038.98
AKUSA$400.01 – $600.0048.95
AKUSA$600.01 – $1200.0058.95
AKUSA$1200.01 – $999999.0069.95
HIUSA$0.00 – $20.0010.95
HIUSA$20.01 – $50.0013.95
HIUSA$50.01 – $75.0016.95
HIUSA$75.01 – $100.0019.95
HIUSA$100.01 – $150.0022.95
HIUSA$150.01 – $200.0025.95
HIUSA$200.01 – $300.0028.95
HIUSA$300.01 – $400.0031.95
HIUSA$400.01 – $600.0034.95
HIUSA$600.01 – $1200.0038.95
HIUSA$1200.01 – $999999.0049.95

Tax Rates

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Service Provider Data Privacy Policy

This dealership uses SimplePart, LLC as a Service Provider to build and maintain our parts website. SimplePart collects and uses personal information by users of our Website for the purposes of:

  • Auditing related to a current interaction with Consumers
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Performance of services such as:
    • Maintaining accounts,
    • Customer service,
    • Order fulfillment,
    • Verification of identity,
    • Advertising and marketing,
    • Analytics services, and
    • Other similar and legitimate services
  • Identification and repair of errors that impede functionality
  • Transient use
  • Internal research
  • Maintenance of services provided

As a Service Provider, SimplePart is dedicated to the protection of your personal information. California Civil Code 1798.83 grants residents certain rights regarding the collection, deletion, and sale of that personal information. SimplePart will work to assist us in responding to any applicable requests that you may have. All requests should be submitted via the data request form linked at the bottom of this website. SimplePart’s policies regarding California residents’ personal information are as follows:

Collection policy

Consumers have the right to request disclosure of the categories of personal information collected about them, as well as specific pieces of information. SimplePart will assist us in responding to verifiable consumer requests made via our data request form as relates to that information. Please note that, depending on the nature of your request, we may require differing levels of verification of your identity.

Deletion policy

Consumers have the additional right to request deletion of personal information collected about them. The information that SimplePart collects on our behalf is all used for the business purposes listed above and, as a result, it does not honor deletion requests. If you make a deletion request via our data request form, you will be sent an email explaining the denial and the reasons for that denial.

Opt-out policy

Consumers also have the right to opt-out of the sale of their personal information to third parties. SimplePart, as a Service Provider, does not sell any of your personal information to third parties and, as such, SimplePart cannot honor opt-out requests. If you make an opt-out request via our data request form, you will be sent an email explaining the denial and the reasons for that denial.


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