Genuine Toyota Car Batteries in Portland, OR

With regular maintenance and tests of your car’s battery, you can be confident every time you fire up the ignition — whether that be turning the key or pressing the push-button start. The service team here at Toyota of Portland is ready to assist drivers with all of their vehicle’s routine maintenance or repairs — including battery service. If you live near Portland, OR, our service center is never more than a short drive away! With preventative maintenance like battery diagnostic tests, the chances of experiencing a dead battery decline drastically, since we will catch any battery issues before they leave you stranded. Drivers know that Toyota of Portland, in Portland, OR, is the place to turn when their Toyota vehicles are in need of quality service at competitive prices.

If the answer to any of the questions below is YES, it may be time to replace your battery:

Is your battery more than three years old?
Has your battery outlived its warranty period?
Have any warning lights come on?
Has your vehicle been jump-started lately?
Have you had to use a portable charger to recharge your battery lately?
Do the lights dim when the A/C or heat is on?
Has your vehicle had alternator or belt problems recently?
Is there visible corrosion on the battery posts or cables?
If your vehicle is hard to start and/or has dim headlights when the engine is turned off, your battery is getting weak and should be replaced with a new Toyota TrueStart™ battery. Manufactured to Toyota’s exacting standards for quality and performance, these batteries offer the right combination of cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC) for reliable performance regardless of climate.

If you are looking for a Toyota Service Center near Portland, OR, contact the Service Department at Toyota of Portland. Our service center is located at 55 NE Broadway St., in Portland, OR. While here on our website, you can even schedule your next service appointment. The dedicated service specialists here at Toyota of Portland look forward to assisting you soon!

A car’s battery is vital to the health and reliability of the vehicle, and must be regularly tested for leaks, corrosion, and other common battery issues. The Service Department here at Toyota of Portland is manned by highly skilled service technicians who use the latest battery diagnostic tools to determine if the battery in your Toyota or other vehicle is operating properly and able to hold a full charge. Whether you drive a RAV4, Corolla, Prius, Camry, or another Toyota model, we have batteries in stock that fit for your vehicle — in the event that your current battery cannot be salvaged. In fact, we will only install a battery that is recommended by Toyota for your vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong battery for your specific application. We are confident that the low prices of our batteries and installation will outweigh the alternative — getting left parked and stranded with a dead battery!

If you happen to be a proud owner of a Toyota Prius, then you certainly have a great reason to find a Toyota-certified service center like here at Toyota of Portland. Servicing, repairing, and replacing the batteries of Toyota’s innovative Hybrid Synergy Drive system is no sweat for our Toyota-certified service technicians, who have been trained in the intricacies of Prius batteries. So, no matter if you drive a Toyota RAV4, Camry, Highlander, Prius, or some other make of car, the service professionals here at Toyota of Portland are ready to assist you with any service or repair needs you may have.

We believe that you will find that the pricing for auto service and repair here at Toyota of Portland is highly competitive. Believe it or not, you can save even more though, when you take advantage of our service and parts specials which are posted on our website and updated monthly. See the service and parts specials section of our website now to see how much you could save on battery service or a range of other routine maintenance services!


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